New Press Reviews

14th January 2019

Some recent press reviews on Christian Science Monitor, Whitehot Magazine & Blouin ArtInfo.


British Art Studies, Landscape Now

9th January 2019

The current issue of British Art Studies' Landscape Now publication includes an essay by David Matless on my work.


Towards Brexit, A Panel Discussion

A panel discussion with Max Barnett, Editor-in-Chief of Pylot Magazine, photographers Ed Alcock and Sukhi Dhanda.


Photograph Magazine

4th January 2019

A feature in the 30th anniversary issue of Photograph Magazine


The Brexit Lexicon, Flowers Gallery, London

The Brexit Lexicon is on display at Flowers Gallery, Kingsland Road as part of Flowers Contemporary II.


Civilization: The Way We Live Now, Thames & Hudson

A book to accompany the Civilization touring exhibition. Launching at Flowers Gallery, London.



Civilisation, Seoul National Museum of Modern Art

A major group exhibition addressing major aspects of our increasingly global 21st century civilization


Between the Acts – Part II, Brighton Photo Fringe

A newly produced video work exploring the language used during the Brexit negotiations.


Brexit & The Arts, Panel Discussion

21st September 2018

A panel discussion with Shoair Mavlian, Mahtab Hussain, Natasha Caruana, Michael Lightfoot and Uta Kogelsberger.


Homeland, Flowers Gallery, New York

A solo exhibition bringing together works from the last 15 years which explore the relationship between contemporary national identity and landscape