Between the Acts

‘Between the Acts, 2018’ is an artist poster commissioned by Flying Leaps.

The iconic image of the white cliffs at Seven Sisters coupled with the haunting quotation from Virginia Woolf’s posthumously published work ‘Between the Acts’ conjures vertiginous feelings of both awe and trepidation.

“They looked at the view; they looked at what they knew, to see if what they knew might perhaps be different today.  Most days it was the same.”


“Roberts took this photograph on 29th March 2017, the day Theresa May signed Article 50 triggering the two year period of negotiation that takes the UK out of the EU. Visitors to the site are warned not to approach the edge as it’s unstable. However, when faced with an abyss – whether natural or manmade – it’s difficult to resist staring into it. The girl in the red coat epitomises bodacious courage, fittingly perhaps as it’s her generation who will be living with the consequences of Brexit be that hard, soft or ultimately overturned.” Adrian Burnham

The poster was put up on several billboards and fly-poster sites in Bristol, Glasgow, London and Manchester during February and March 2018.

Between the Acts is also available as a limited edition print through Flying Leaps.

Previous posters have been created by Jeremy DellerHeath Kanekennardphillipps and Magda Archer. In creating and curating the street posters flyingleaps aims to make unexpected, thought-provoking contributions to the urban spectacle and provide a forum to debate the roles of art and visual activism.