Between the Acts poster

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‘Between the Acts, 2018’ is an artist poster commissioned by Flying Leaps that was displayed on billboards and fly-poster sites in Bristol, Glasgow, London and Manchester during February and March 2018.

Flying Leaps are offering the work for sale as a limited edition blue backed street posters (numbered and signed on the reverse).

The iconic image of the white cliffs at Seven Sisters coupled with the haunting quotation from Virginia Woolf’s posthumously published work ‘Between the Acts’ conjures vertiginous feelings of both awe and trepidation. You can read more about the work here.

Previous posters have been created by Jeremy DellerHeath Kanekennardphillipps and Magda Archer.




Product Specs

Edition: 100
Size: 24 x 30″
Material: Blue backed poster
Price: £30 plus P&P