Photograph Magazine

Image: Installation shot from Homeland, Flowers Gallery New York (Clevedon Pier on the left)

To celebrate its 30th anniversary issue Photograph Magazine asked 30 people to choose an image that meant something to them in 2018. Sarah Schmerler, Art Critic and Independent Curator, selected my photograph of Clevedon Pier, which was on show at Flowers Gallery in New York.

“Where are we? How did we get here? Many of Simon Roberts’s pictures beg those sorts of deep questions, but this one in particular compels me [Clevedon Pier]. It is melancholy, delicate, yet strong. Here I am in a world that, at least for a moment, has been blotted out. The tiny weather vane points north. The British flag hangs limp. Whatever breeze once came through here has since passed. No need to get my bearings now; I know this psychic place because over the last year I have awoken to an America that more and more I don’t recognize. And the tide, it is rising.” Sarah Schmerler, January 2019.

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