Impressions of Normandy

France’s Normandy coast, with its craggy coastline and medieval fishing villages, has long captured the interest of artists. Its seascapes are featured in the work of Impressionist masters Monet, Manet, and Boudin. Many pioneering photographers, such as Gustave Le Gray and Henri Le Secq, worked in the region prior to or at the same time as the early Impressionists, starting around 1850. Iconic scenes and motifs appear in both the photographs and the paintings of the period.

Impressions of Normandy was developed in 2014 in collaboration with the Centre Photographique of Rouen. As part of an ongoing project, the institute established a residency where a selection of photographers would focus on landscapes of the Normandy region. These photographs were made over a three year period exploring the regions ‘landscapes of leisure’.

As curator of the Centre Photographique, Raphaëlle Stopin, writes “Although it might appear static to passers-by, a landscape is alive. It is the intersection of environment and humanity, the space where we experience the emotions associated with living, as a collective and as an individual. These photographs weave together a story line mixing the real and the symbolic, the cultural and the natural, the objective and the subjective.”

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Contact sheet of photographic plates (pdf)

Article in the Italian magazine, Internazionale (link)