Cathedrals Are Built In The Future (monograph)

Cathedrals Are Built In The Future is a monograph of photographs that document the specific architecture and iconography of different faiths found in Cuba from the splendour of Havana’s Catholic cathedral, through to makeshift spaces of spiritual pause in houses and appropriated buildings.

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Taking a minimalist approach, Roberts uses only ambient lighting and long exposure times to record the specific architecture and iconography of the buildings utilised by different faith groups. For instance, the Church of Santa Rita, which was completed in 1942, mixes neocolonial and modern features to create a reverent space dominated by great parabolic arches holding up the wooden roof, whilst the El Calvario Baptist Church is housed in Havana’s former circus building (built in 1881). One of the newest built churches is the Russian Orthodox Church in Old Havana, ‘Our Lady of Kazan’ church, was inaugurated in 2008 by the Cuban president Raul Castro in the presence of the Russian president Medvedev. The ceiba trees in Havana’s Gran Parque provide spritiual spaces for followers of Santeria where offerings to their African spirits can be found.

These sober and restrained photographs omit humans or keep their presence to a minimum. The emptiness is imbued with substance by a subtle attention to colour, and the prevailing silence is instilled with a metaphysical quality.

The book includes an essay by the Cuban artist and art professor, Ossain Raggi.





Product Specs

Year: 2022
Publisher: Another Place Press
Texts: Ossain Raggi
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 978-1-7391212-1-1
Extent: 86 pages
Trim: 250 x 210mm