UK Parliament Election Artist interview

I’m delighted to see that Joanne Coates has just been named as Parliament’s official Election Artist for the 2024 general election. Appointed by the Speaker’s Advisory Committee on Works of Art, she will observe the 2024 general election for the House of Commons and produce a unique work of art in response to her experience of the campaign.

Since 2001, the Speaker’s Advisory Committee for Works of Art has appointed an official artist for each general election. I was awarded the 2010 commission was awarded and in this online exhibition you can view some of my process of working, and see the final collection of 25 photographs capturing the election. 


You can find out more about previous election artists and artworks, which are part of the Parliamentary Art Collection, by using the links below.

2019 – Nicky Hirst. Visit our online exhibition to see ‘There Was a Time 2019-20′, and watch Nicky share her process for creating the sculpture. 

2017 – Cornelia Parker RA created digital artwork for the 2017 election. Watch the pieces and find out more about how they were made in this online exhibition. 

2015 – Adam Dant’s drawing, ‘The Government Stable’ is 226 x 166cm in size. Zoom into all the details and find out what it all means in our interactive online exhibition. 

2005 – David Godbold uses drawings and translucency over documents and election paraphernalia to create his series ‘Forwards not Backwards’ – view each piece here. 

2001 – Jonathan Yeo was the first election artist. His three-part painting ‘Proportional Representation’ depicts the three main party leaders in 2001. Each canvas is scaled according to the election results.