This Pleasant Land, Hoxton Mini Press

The British landscape is changing. Geographically, politically, even emotionally, the boundary lines of Britain – and what it means to be British – are in flux. This book looks at the new terrains, memories and myths of this contemporary landscape through the eyes of some of the world’s most exciting photographers. Featuring over 24 projects taken this millenium, this book celebrates the snow-capped mountains and wind-swept islands while documenting the wildfires and floods that threaten the way we live.

Rob Ball, Richard Brine, Harry Cory Wright, Toby Coulson, Robert Darch, Melanie Friend, Robin Friend, Sophie Gerrard, Paul Hart, Alex Ingram, Jethro Marshall, Max Miechowski, Spencer Murphy, Miriam Nabarro, Sarah Pickering, Ian Potter, Simon Roberts, Kaveh Rostamkhani, Iain Sarjeant, Jem Southam,Toby Trueman, Nicholas J R White, Joseph Wright and Donovan Wylie.

This Pleasant Land: New Photography of the British Landscape
Written by Rosalind Jana
Hardback, 224 pages, 237 x 285mm
Published November 2022