The Urban Prehistorian


I recently gave an interview to The Urban Preshistorian about my Welcome to Little Britain artist poster collaboration with Flying Leaps. The article explores the problematic nature of Stonehenge and the structural injustices that it does to our prehistory.

You can read the article here:

The Urban Prehistorian is a blog dedicated to recording my experiences of prehistoric sites and monuments found today within in urban contexts. In some cases altered, ruinous tangible remains of the prehistoric past are still visible for all to see. In other cases only the ghostly traces of what was once there are recoverable. The engagements people from all walks of life have with these interlopers from the past range from interest and care, to ambivalence or even violence.  Many people simply don’t notice, or know, what lies beneath their town centres, under houses and back gardens. Some would not like to know. The tangible – and intangible – traces of the ancient past occasionally intersect with the contemporary world, with surprising or sometimes banal effects and it is such engagements that this blog will document.