The Horizon is Moving Nearer, Ci.CLO Bienal

I have several works included in this new group show curated by Tim Clark on show in the Centro Português de Fotografia, as part of Ci.CLO Bienal 2021.

The Horizon is Moving Nearer takes the symbiotic nature of society, politics and ecology as the basis to explore how modern humans have reached a crossroads. In this era of various global health emergencies, from Covid-19 to anti-Black violence, we are confronted by a series of critical and interrelated issues which call for us to radically reimagine the ways we relate to the environment and each other.

The exhibition brings together works from eight artists who use visual strategies of narrative and fragmentation as a means of dealing with the mounting complexities that define our troubled times, all the while examining the ontology of the photographic image. Through a mix of image, film, text, archival material and advanced visualisation technologies, The Horizon is Moving Nearer explores topics including toxic masculinity, climate emergency, eco-fascism, conflict, nationalism, populism, cyber-security, mass incarceration, gendered violence, abuses of Indigenous rights, Trump, Brexit and other phenomena. The context is the Anthropocene, and histories unfold individually and collectively, at a hyper-local level as well as on the global stage.

Featuring Lisa Barnard, Poulomi Basu, Nancy Burson, Maxime Matthys, Gideon Mendel, Simon Roberts, Salvatore Vitale, Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa

Curated by Tim Clark

Curatorial Assistant Alex Merola

Download a full press release here and you can watch a preview of the exhibition presented by curator Tim Clark here.