Northern Light: Landscape Photography and Evocations of the North

Northern Light: Landscape Photography and Evocations of the North is a conference hosted by the Photography group in the Department of Media Arts and Communication, Sheffield Hallam University.

I will be giving a keynote talk about my work in Russia, notably from Motherland and Polyarnye Nochi.

The conference runs from 4-5 July, 2016 and explores the ways that photographic images address notions of a Northern landscape – whether drawing on established traditions of art and photography or whether concerned with contemporary photographic and lens based practice.  The conference will bring together scholars and practitioners to discuss a wide range of practices and critical approaches, from both contemporary and historical perspectives.

Themes addressed will include:
• The diversity of regional representations of the Northern Landscape – North Britain, Canada, the Arctic regions, Northern Europe, the Nordic countries, Siberia
• A range of critical themes – the peopled, vernacular, landscape;  the Anthropocene; wilderness landscapes; landscape photography as a record of actuality or as conceived and imagined
• Contemporary practice as well as the historical development of landscape photography
• The relationship to painting, to the Northern Renaissance, and to the Sublime

The exhibition – to be held in the SIA Gallery, Sheffield Hallam University – will open with a private view on July 4th and will then be open to the public until July 31st.

You can view the full conference programme here-