I recently had the pleasure of talking with Peter Holliday on his podcast, The Land Behind where he speaks with a range of guests including photographers, musicians and anthropologists as he explores questions of photography, perception and place.

My episode is titled ‘Landscape Representation as Social Commentary’ and I talk about my experience photographing England’s social landscape in the decade preceding Brexit.

You can listen in here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/3WqV34eTCTny5DjLz7VMkT?si=1dd8f4f2ab094aa7&nd=1


I recently gave an interview to The Urban Preshistorian about my Welcome to Little Britain artist poster collaboration with Flying Leaps. The article explores the problematic nature of Stonehenge and the structural injustices that it does to our prehistory.

You can read the article here: https://theurbanprehistorian.wordpress.com/2023/08/29/little-britain/

The Urban Prehistorian is a blog dedicated to recording my experiences of prehistoric sites and monuments found today within in urban contexts. In some cases altered, ruinous tangible remains of the prehistoric past are still visible for all to see. In other cases only the ghostly traces of what was once there are recoverable. The engagements people from all walks of life have with these interlopers from the past range from interest and care, to ambivalence or even violence.  Many people simply don’t notice, or know, what lies beneath their town centres, under houses and back gardens. Some would not like to know. The tangible – and intangible – traces of the ancient past occasionally intersect with the contemporary world, with surprising or sometimes banal effects and it is such engagements that this blog will document.

Channel 4 News recently reported on my exhibition ‘How Did We Get Here? / Where Do We Go Now?’. You can view the interview with their Culture Correspondent Minnie Stephenson here.

The exhibition has also featured on The Guardian, in the FT Weekend Magazine (below), and on Chesire Live.

To mark the exhibition of my photographs created in Normandy and currently showing at Château de Flamanville (until September 19, 2021), the Rouen Normandie Photographic Center commissioned this short film of me discussing the project, whilst also making some new work around the Cotentin region.

You can watch the video here (07.38 mins): https://vimeo.com/580352780

An interview for Bob Books where I discuss my A Daily Sea series made during the recent Covid-19 lockdown:


I recently did an interview for My Modern Met about my Polyarnye Nochi series. Read it online here.

Recently I was interviewed by Gemma Padley for the Royal Photographic Society Journal as part of their Best Shots series ahead of my talk at RPS House, Bristol, in October.

You can download a pdf of the article here.

I recently had the great pleasure to be interviewed by Larry Anderson for his new podcast ‘Right Brain Stories’.

Larry’s mission for the podcast is to “inspire creatives from across the spectrum of the arts, music and business to take the next step to fulfil their dreams, whether to be an art student, professional artist or make a serious breakthrough.”

Listen here:

Mark Aitken examines the relationship between photography and sound on his weekly show There Then Hear Now on Resonance FM. This week I discussed my photography with soundtracks from several of my short films, music from the Boyan Choir, and the voices of Philip Hoare and Paul Schofield.

First broadcast on 21st May 2018, 5.30 – 6.30pm. Listen HERE.


A video interview conducted recently with Michael Kurcfeld for Paris Photo; part of his series of conversations with artists and curators where they discuss their work and the medium of photography.