Piece of Cake Collective, Format Festival

Above: South East Hertfordshire Bird-Watchers, Holkham, 2008 © Simon Roberts

An exhibition of photographs from artists in the Piece of Cake collective will be on show during the Format Photography Festival. We will be hosting an opening event on Sunday 10th March at 13.00.

© Bert Danckaert

Created in Rouen in 2002 at the initiative of French photographer Charles Fréger, Piece of Cake, comprises of European and North American artists. Our purpose is to enable these artists to interact as they create, produce, and distribute their works. A major part of POC’s activity includes regular workshops. Four are held each year, two in Europe and two in North America. Format Festival plays host to the current European workshop and several POC artists present a selection of their work here.

© Friederike von Rauch

Artists exhibiting:
Andrew Phelps
Bert Danckaert
Birgitta Lund
Cara Phillips
Cassander Eeftinck Schattenkerk
Chan-Hyo Bae
Charles Fréger
Charlott Markus
Friederike von Rauch
Götz Diergarten
Jonathan Gitelson
Loan Nguyen
Marina Gadonneix
Mathieu Bernard-Reymond
Matthias Koch
Patrícia Almeida & David-Alexandre Guéniot
Petros Efstathiadis
Seba Kurtis
Simon Roberts
Ville Lenkkeri

© Seba Kurtis

The exhibition takes place in Darley Mill and shares a space with Derventio – a working independent micro brewery. As a unique offer to festival visitors, ale is available to buy on request every day throughout the exhibition (except for 16, 23 & 31 March)