The Brexit Lexicon, Flowers Gallery, London

Image: Screengrab from The Brexit Lexicon 

New video installation work The Brexit Lexicon will be on display at Flowers Gallery, Kingsland Road as part of Flowers Contemporary II.

Flowers Gallery is delighted to present its first exhibitions in 2019, Flowers Contemporary I, II III, taking place across both London locations, and the New York gallery. The exhibitions bring together new works by gallery artists, representing the wide-ranging themes and concerns defining their practice today.

The Brexit Lexicon is a single channel video work (c. 80 minutes) that explores the store of metaphors and verbiage that have become the stock in trade of politicians and journalists during Britain’s exit from the Europe Union. Creating a compendium of the most common terms that have coloured the way Britain and the EU have described current political discussions associated with Brexit, the lexicon is read out by a news presenter who appears at a desk in an anonymous news television studio against a green-screen.

Press Release: (pdf).