Back and Forth, Pingyao Festival

Back and Forth is an exhibition of ten artists who have recently passed through the IED Madrid school: five of them as students, the other half, as teachers. It is also a selection of works that reflect the world we live in, from the point of view of contemporary lens-based art. Needless to say that there are common subjects, such as landscapes and still-lives, portraits and street-life. However, all of the participating artists make use of a visual language that combines formal clarity, technical brilliance and a sound understanding of what photography is, or might be, in the second decade of the twenty-first century.

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Curator: Moritz Neumüller


Ricardo Cases (Spain)

Stephen Chalmers (US)

Edmund Clark (UK)

Anna Fawcus (Australia)

Jorge Fuembuena (Spain)

Vivek Manek (India)

Marta Mantyka (Poland)

Simon Roberts (UK)

Han Shuo (China)

Joan Villaplana (Spain)