The Man in the Photograph

Image: © Paul Hermann

Whilst giving a walking tour of my site-specific work in Sunderland – part of the launch of The Social: Encountering Photography – this weekend I had the privilege of meeting an individual featured in one of

my photographs. Michael (pictured above) happened to be walking through The Bridges shopping centre in Sunderland where one of my photographs was installed the very moment that I was discussing the work with a group. He recognised himself in the photograph (seen strolling in green jacket) and told us the story that how on the day I took the image he was walking to college and having now graduated he works for Sunderland Port, located in the far distance of my photograph. It was one of those magical moments!


You can find more about my commissioned work ‘Landscapes of Leisure’ here.


Image: St. Peter’s Riverside, Sunderland, April 2013 © Simon Roberts from The Social: Landscapes of leisure