Twenty-four Dead Rabbits

I went for a walk in Norfolk recently and came across a field of dead rabbits. Back at home I went online to try and find out what might have caused their death (turns out they were probably killed by Ragwort). Here are some of the more intriguing results that came back:

Wikipedia entry on New York’s Dead Rabbits gang in the 1850s.

Myspace page for the Dead Rabbits band.

A Dead Rabbit joke.

The New Zealand based Dead Rabbits animal cullers.

A video of a Dead Rabbit on You Tube.

Photographs of Dead Rabbits in the Dead Animals flickr group (2,694 members).

The homepage for the Dead Rabbits rugby club.

A site to purchase Dead Rabbits clothing.

The Dead Rabbit tavern website.

Posts by Dead Rabbit culture.

Naomi Kendrick’s Dead Rabbit blog.

A news story about Dead Rabbits left in trees.

The Dead Rabbits drag racing team.

A society of computer geeks called the Dead Rabbits.

A story about the cancellation of the Dead Rabbit annual throwing contest.

A photograph of the Dead Rabbit Lodge Mascot (Grover, Colorado) in a glass case.

Photographs of Dead Rabbits on google images.

Videos of Dead Rabbits on google videos.

The book ‘Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Dead Rabbits Society’.

and the art of pulling Dead Rabbits from a hat.