During the three years that I spent making Pierdom I learned a fair amount about British piers.  The vagaries of their use, disuse, destruction and re-construction; their engineers, attractions, visitors and critics.  So please, tell me something I don’t already know about piers.  Bizarre facts will be welcomed.  Oddities will be embraced.  And the best piece of new information will win a unique, one-of-a-kind Pierdom Stereoscope (not available in any good stores, anywhere)* along with a signed copy of the book!

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*although if this proves really popular, I might make some more…

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  1. It’s a little known fact that from the end of Southport Pier you can occasionally see the sea!

  2. I am sure everyone knows this but on 12th Nov 2010 a nutter Kitesurfing flew over Brighton Pier and at his highest point he was over 100feet over the pier itself. It took him two hours of waiting until the 60mph wind and the waves were just right for the attempt.

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    Simon Roberts

    Thanks SS – here’s a link to the kitesurfer jumping Brighton Pier –

  4. Southend Pier is the longest pleasure pier in the world, and Southend is twinned with Sopot, Poland which has the longest working pier in the world.
    Not really bizarre, odd or interesting. Sorry.

  5. Westward Ho Pier, was a pier built before it’s time, it was lost within a short time of being built. At low tide some of it’s pillars can be seen. Minehead Pier was demolished by our own troops so the coastal defence battery had a clear sight of the Bristol Channel. Though Campbell Steamers were compensated they never rebuilt the pier. Again remains can be seen at low tide. Two of The Bristol Channel lost piers.

  6. The founder of Pier39 in San Francisco was once sued by a group of clowns for $1million. Also, his first attraction was a slideshow.

  7. mate of mine used to work on the pier in brighton back when it was The Palace Pier, all staff uniforms had stitched up pockets or no pockets.
    To make the staff look smarter was the claim. In reality it was to ensure no change or ride tokens could go astray. Tight bosses. crap pier fact. sorry.

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    Richard Davis

    Southend has the longest pier in the world. It is so long it has a railway to take people to the end. On a recent visit I overheard and american couple ask how long the train took to get to france. Apparently they thought they were going to go through the channel tunnel when it got to the end of the pier!!!

  9. Piers is the Greek form of (the Latin) Peter… Is that what you meant?

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