International Olympic Committee

Having been granted special access to the London 2012 Olympics by the International Olympic Committee, Roberts’ collaborated with the Financial Times to create four weekly portfolios of photographs for their Weekend Magazine. The issues ran for four consecutive Saturday’s from the run-up to the Opening Ceremony to the week after the Closing Ceremony.

You can also view a series of his large-format landscape photographs that take in not just the sporting spectacle itself, but all its surrounding cultural, economic and political vistas here. His perspective is somewhat oblique compared with the plethora of sports photographs we see from such events; they explore the relationship between the public and the athletes, putting them in the context of the built environment and the wider social issues thrown up by hosting such a thoroughly modern spectacle.


Collection of FT Weekend Magazine spread (pdf)

The Telegraph, Saturday Magazine, 2012 (pdf)

The Guardian, My Best Shot feature, 2013 (pdf)

Zoom Magazine, 2014 (pdf)