Photographs from my We English series are included in the current issue of IL Magazine in Italy, the monthly news magazine of Italian financial newspaper, along with a new image for the cover. The photographs accompany an article entitled ‘Please Don’t Go’ discussing the upcoming referendum on British membership of the EU.

You can download a pdf of the article here.

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A selection of photographs from Pierdom features in the current issue of Amica Magazine in Italy (October 2014 issue). It features an article by Howard Jacobson.

You can download a pdf here.

Image: Rivers of Flowers, 2013 from the series Italian Views © Simon Roberts

Flowers are delighted to announce that the annual Small is Beautiful exhibition, which has run for more than thirty years, will take place at their larger Kingsland Road gallery this year. Consequently it is the gallery’s most extensive yet, with over 170 artists submitting works.

The works, which must be no bigger than a tiny 9 by 7 inches / 22 by 17cm in size, are the creations of many well-known
artists, set alongside emerging artists and selected recent graduates. Established artists participating are, amongst
others; Anthony Frost, Maggi Hambling, Nicola Hicks, Patrick Hughes, Nadav Kander, Tom Phillips and Bryan Kneale.
Confined only by scale, with a theme to inspire them rather than dictate the final form of their submitted artworks,
many of the artists involved find this both a liberating and challenging exhibition, creating pieces utterly separate from
their normal practices.
I have a piece from a new series I’m working on based around original postcards sent from Italy (above). You can view all the work in the show here.

We English is being exhibited at the 2013 Festival Fotografico Europeo in Busto Arsizio, near Milan, Italy.

The exhibition is courtesy of mc2 gallery.

For more information visit:

Thank you to everyone who submitted a photography-related New Year’s resolution (rather than giving up smoking, again!). It was tough to edit them down but here, in no particular order, are my top ten….

“My photo related resolutions include: Don’t buy more unnecessary kit, a new lens, filter or accessory will not revolutionise my work, use what I have and be more creative with it.” Travis Hodges

“Walk slower and give myself more time to potentially hunt out images I would have normally walked past.” Paul Dowd

“Having spent the last two years doing my MA, this year I specifically want to do something for me. So had thought NY resolutions might be ‘to exhibit my work as much as possible’ and by the end of the year ‘to publish or to perish’. But I also said to myself on NYE that 2013, more than any other year, will be a year when I inspire my students as much as I possibly can.” Paul Bennett-Todd

“My resolution is to blog the entire progress and development from start to finish of a new project I’m working on that commenced on Jan 1st.” Dan Cainey

“To keep on top of my book keeping, make friends with the tax man and unlike my Uni work, complete it on time!” Benny J Johnson

“My photography related new years resolution is to just (I apologise for my language but I need to be stern with myself) fucking do it! I graduated from a photography degree over a year ago and have spent the time between then and now avoiding anything to do with photography, encompassed with some odd photography anxiety that I’ll never be good enough. So I’ve decided to just do it and to apply for everything and anything which will get my back on track and actually making work and writing again.” Sophia Wise

“To be more confident about my work and to show it to people rather than my 3 cats (who whilst being totally proficient with their critical analysis get very easily distracted if they have not been fed).” Emma Georgiou

“It’s as simple as this: To fall back in love with photography.” Grant Scott

“One resolution is to shoot more instinctively, sometimes you can think an over think an idea to the point that you don’t end up not shooting anything, not even a germ of the idea and the camera remains in the bag. The camera needs to get out of the bag and I need to just go with the feeling of lets just see what we get, it might be something, it might be nothing, but it will be worth it because you never know when something interesting is going to happen.” Alison Palmer

“My New Year’s resolution is to not make empty promises to myself.” Joshua Dudley Greer

An exhibition of We English will be on show at the Phos cultural centre in Torino, Italy from 31st January to 1st March 2013.

Join us for the opening on January 31st 2013, 6.30 pm.

Please see the centre’s website for more details-

An exhibition of Pierdom, curated by Claudio Composti, will be on show at MC2 Gallery in Milan, Italy, from 30 January 2013 – 22 February 2013. A small selection of

prints from XXX Olympiad will also be exhibited.

For more information, visit the gallery’s website here.

An associated exhibition of We English prints will be on show during the same period at Phos cultural centre in Torino, Italy. For details visit their website here.



Installation shot of my commissioned work Una Storia Italiana (An Italian Story) for the Sifest Photo Festival in Savignano, Italy. September 2011.