This survey exhibition at the Multimedia Art Museum in Moscow presents the work of British photographer Simon Roberts (b. 1974, UK) since 2005. After completing a substantial project in Russia, entitled Motherland, Roberts brought his attention closer to home.


With renewed interest in the relationship of individuals and groups to the landscape, Roberts focused on social practices, customs, cultural landmarks, economic and political scenarios that define his ‘small island’ as uniquely British. With echoes of ‘history painting’, these photographs point to contemporary issues specific to Britain, but equally engage with universal ideas of the human relationship to landscape, of identity and belonging.

Landscape Studies of a Small Island is presented as part of the UK Russia Year of Culture in 2014.

The exhibition is curated by Karen McQuaid from The Photographers’ Gallery, London.

More information here:


More installation shots from the show can be viewed here.

An essay written by Martin Caiger-Smith for the exhibition catalogue can be downloaded here.

Art, Election & History – An artist talk and reception with Nicola Green & Simon Roberts

What is the role of the artist in the portrayal of political events?

Please join Flowers Gallery for a private reception and artist talk with Nicola Green and Simon Roberts on 26th March 2013, as part of the current exhibition Nicola Green: In Seven Days… / Simon Roberts: The Election Project which continues until 13th April.

Drinks will be served from 6pm.

The artists will be in conversation from 7pm.

Please RSVP to

Photograph: Nigel Farage, UK Independence Party, Buckingham, 5th May 2010 © Simon Roberts, from The Election Project

After UKIP’s surge in the polls in the Eastleigh byelection this week, Andrew Rawnsley writes in today’s Observer “Nigel Farage is the ebullient face on a rackety gang which attracts some very strange characters and is riddled with faction-fighting. Its policy prospectus would be torn to shreds if anything like it was ever offered by any of the main parties. Ukip’s literature in Eastleigh promised tax cuts for “everyone” and more spending on everything from the restoration of student grants to more generous pensions to more prisons. It must be the only party to be led by people who still believe in Santa Claus.”

My Election Project series can currently be seen on the wall at Flowers Gallery in London.

This week I was interviewed along with artist Nicola Green for BBC Radio 4″s Front Row arts programme. The feature was exploring “what does an artist see in an election campaign?”

Nicola Green was discussing her role as an artist in resident during Barack Obama”s 2008 presidential campaign, while I was asked about my official Election Artist for the UK”s 2010 General Election. We discussed our experiences of following politicians on the campaign trail.

You can hear the interview online here or download an mp3 file (5mb) here.

Green”s series, “In Seven Days…” is currently on show at the in Liverpool, whilst you can see my Election Project series in Parliament by contacting the Curator”s office at the Palace of Westminster.

Image: Polling station, Goodman Park, Slough, 6th May 2010 © Simon Roberts from The Election Project