Simon Roberts  Interviews

A Small Voice, ‘Podcast interview with Ben Smith’, December 2016 (link)
Yale Centre for British Art, ‘Panel discussion on Photography & Britishness, November 2016 (link)
, ‘A Q&A with Simon Roberts, Election Photographer’, April 2015 (link)
GUP Magazine, ‘Waiting for the picture: An interview with Simon Roberts’, March 2015 (link)
Photoworks, ‘Desert Island Pics’ with Stephen Bull, January 2015 (link)
Kaunas Photo Festival, ‘We English audio slide show’, September 2014 (link)
The Guardian, ‘My Best Shot,’ March 2013 (link)
BBC Radio 4, Interview on Front Row with Kirsty Lang, January 2013 (audio)
De Donkere Kamer, Interview with Lars Boering, September 2012 (video)
Magenta Foundation, ‘Q&A: Simon Roberts,’ April 2012 (link)
Landscape Stories, “Personal Map of England,” December 2011 (link)
Two Way Lens, “Interviews with contemporary photographers: Simon Roberts,” April 2011 (link)
Troika Editions, “1000 Words Collection- Simon Roberts discusses We English” January 2011 (video)
BBC News Online, “We English” April 2011 (audio slideshow)
The Daily Politics Show, Interview with BBC2, September 2010 (video)
Brighton Photo Fringe, “Simon Roberts on The Election Project,” September 2010 (video)
BBC News Online “The Election Project”, September 2010 (audio slideshow)
Lens Culture, “Visual Anthropology in Russia and England,” January 2010 (link)
The Online Photographer, “An Interview with Simon Roberts,” November 2009 (link)
Foto 8, “Simon Roberts on We English,” September 2009 (link)
Conscientious, “A conversation with Simon Roberts,” July 2007 (link)
Lens Culture, “Motherland by Simon Roberts,” June 2007 (link)