Simon Roberts  Essays

Lavinia Brydon and Lavinia and Olu Jenzen: “Pierdom by Simon Roberts” in Necsus: European Journal of Media Studies, Autumn 2016 (link)
Miranda Gavin: “New Vedute” (pdf)
Karine Chambefort-Kay: We English by Simon Roberts, “Banal Nationalism” in Landscape? Journée d’études (pdf)
Martin Caiger-Smith: “Settlement” from exhibition catalogue for Landscape Studies of a Small Island, Vevey Gallery, 2015 (pdf)
Miranda Gavin: “The Last Moment” (pdf)
Francis Hodgson: “Pierdom – A Kingdom by the Sea” from Pierdom monograph (pdf)
Greg Hobson: “Simon Roberts’ work – The Election Project in context” from The Election Project newspaper (pdf)
Sean O’Hagan: “The Election Project Public Gallery – an anthropology of ourselves?” from The Election Project newspaper (pdf)
Peter Wilby: “How the election was won” from The Election Project newspaper (pdf)
Stephen Daniels: “The English Outdoors” from We English monograph (pdf)
We English monograph commentary by Simon Roberts (pdf)
In Conversation with Stephen Daniels, Ruth Kitchin and Simon Roberts – from We English monograph (pdf)
Alexandra Lennox: “The influence and interplay of Simon Roberts’ Polyarnye Nochi and Russian cinema” (pdf)
Rosamund Bartlett: “The Meaning of Motherland” from Motherland monograph (pdf)